Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Introduction


My name is Joshua...

I go hiking.

I go hiking all the time; hiking is all I want to do
…Other than spend time with my Fantastic Lady Friend Ashley
I love my dog to….

…Moving on…

We live in the most fantastic area on the planet (...That I have been to, I hear Peru is nice.) ……And I’ll have you know I’ve been to Wall Drug, and Lots of other WILD destinations and John Deere dealerships along the way.

Presently I find myself Taking care of a Farm House for a pair of “snow birds” that get to enjoy the Arizona sun all winter. Whilst, we toil away my week days building pole barns, planting fields chopping wood, living the original American dream, painting and dating.

I enjoy exploring my native northwest Oregon…. and even more so I love boasting about it, and tipping off my pals as to the latest and greatest destination I have plotted.

Because I am broke, and can go no great distances for the time being. I have been discovering little written about or explored places, all over the Valley. Soon enough though I will be out there in America exploring the west like Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir fantastic!

But until then please enjoy your hike, bee clean and, keep it green.

- - JOshua

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